Rates & Pricing

  • Full Day Musky
  • $750USD
  • 8 hours (Including transport from Atlanta)
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  • Trophy Brown Trout
  • $450USD
  • 5 hours
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Before you book this trip, you need to understand a few of the guidelines in regards to pursuing apex predator fish.

  • These fish don’t eat insects. They eat other fish. So it doesn’t matter what the bug hatch may or may not be. If you are worried about bug hatches, this is not the trip for you.
  • Because these fish don’t eat insects, we don’t worry about the weather or water conditions as long as it is safe to be out. An apex predator fish requires a substantial amount of food to sustain its existence. They have to eat everyday. They don’t care if the river is muddy or if its raining, neither should you.
  • These are apex predator fishing trips using a combination of fly rods and big streamers or spinning/casting tackle with a variety of artificial lures. The conventional gear is a great way to rest your shoulder from the massive streamers and not lose any fishing time.
  • This trip is about the quality of fish, not quantity. On an average day, we will get multiple chases and hook ups, usually landing at least one fish. Some days are better, some are worse. That is the epitome of trophy fishing. Remember, we aren’t targeting a 10 inch trout, that’s the food source!
  • Everything is CATCH and RELEASE. No Exceptions!
  • If/when you book this trip, you will be fishing with me only. I will not pass your booking off to anyone else. If I am booked on the day requested, I will tell you so that we may pick another day. I have certain calendar days reserved for nothing but trophy trout fishing. Its best if we pursue them on these days.

Below is a List of Everything I Provide:

  • Fly rods with quality reels and sinking line
  • Spinning/Conventional rods with quality reels
  • Flies and variety of artificial baits
  • Grilled Shore Lunch on Full Day Trips
  • Cold and Hot Beverages

This may seem like heavy gear for trout. However, we are not fishing like we would for regular trout. We are using techniques not unlike some you might use to attract the apex predator fish in any environment. Anything less than the above mentioned gear is simply ineffective and most importantly, unfair to the fish itself.